Task 4.2 Due 1/15/16

Welcome Back! This is the final week of the semester, so let’s get all of your pending work wrapped up this week.

Your completed, finished, and shared portfolios (4.2) are due by 1/15/16 at 5:00PM. These are a summary where you currently are in terms of work accomplished…as well as yet to finish.

Also, please verify that you are saving ALL of your assignments in a properly named, and shared (mail@petemcarthur.com) folder. I can not verify or credit your work without this.


Assignment 4 Portfolio

This week we will finish building our portfolios. On your second meeting we will share the portfolios with the class in critique. The tasks for this assignment are in three parts, each with a possible participation score of ten points and an additional five points for adding animation to all pages and elements. The tasks are outlined below for reference:

Assignment 4: The Portfolio

Drawing and Digital Art

10 Points + 5 Extra Credit

TASK 4.2: Slides

  1. Open Google Slides and create a new slide show
    • Check the + button
    • Name the file “4.2_LastName.FirstIntial_Period” at the top left of the dashboard.
  1. Create a cover:
    • Enter a title: Your First and Last Name
    • Enter a subtitle: “Drawing and Digital Art Portfolio, Period #
    • Select a design template from the sidebar
  1. Locate all images from your GD folders that were the starting, or original image used in the assignment. Confirm that these are no bigger than 10 inches at 150 resolution and are jpeg files.
  1. Make a next page and select a page format. Use the One Column Text layout from the drop down menu.
  1. Enter the title of the first assignment in the space provided that says, “Click to add title.”
  1. Write a brief description of at least three sentences describing the assignment and the outcome. Hint: all of the assignments are posted on the class blog for reference. Please use your own words however.
  1. Drop your final image (jpg) from your 4.1 folder to the right of the layout as a large image for display.
  1. Drop the original image used as the background in your final from your assignment folders. The first two assignments used my images, the third was from your 3.1 Selects folder.
  1. Scale this image down in size to fit below your assignment description text (hold the Shift key, while dragging from the image corner).
  1. Finish your other two pages using the same page layout.
  1. For an additional 5 points, add animation to your pages and elements. Click on the first slide frame. Go to: view>animations> and choose from the dropdowns on the right sidebar the action and the time when and how the action takes place. This can be applied. 
  1. Share your finished portfolio with me at: mail@petemcarthur.com

Google Drive Folders

Hello Students,

I am finding that many of you have not set up a shared Google Drive folder with all of your work yet. It is important that you do so as soon as possible, as your grades will be impacted by the absence of completed work. Please check that you do indeed have a completed, DA (Digital Arts) folder on your own Google Drive account, and that ALL of your folders for this class are included within this master folder. Please remember to “Share” the master folder with me at: mail@petemcarthur.com. (Some of you may have my e-mail address wrong). The set-up instructions follow:

Creating a “shared” DA folder:

1. Open your Google Drive in Chrome.

2. Proceed to your top-most folder which is “My Drive”

3. If you do not have a folder that has been set up that looks like the sample in bold, please create one. Click the red “NEW” button and name the folder with your own name and period number in this format:

               DA_Lastname.Firstinitial_P(eriod)#  sample DA_McArthur.P_P3

4. Move/Drag ALL of the assignments and folder for this class into this DA folder.

5. Right click and choose “Share” and enter: mail@petemcarthur.com

6. Your folders follow the assignments, so you should have four by this point. Name or re-name your folders this way: 1_Selections, 2_Masks, 3_Capture, and 4_Portfolio

7. “Nested” inside of folder 3_Capture should be three folders: 3.1_Selects, 3.2_Hero, and Out Takes

8. Nested inside of 4_Portfolio we will put 4.1_ JPGs

Thank you, and I will see you all Monday, which this week, is an even day.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello Classes,

We’re looking to finish up our second assignment this week, Selection Masks. Please make sure to save all of your selections as you create them for use later. You will be copying and pasting the selected areas to your layers. Each new, selected layer will have an adjustment layer applied to it for Hue and Saturation. Make sure to make a visible change. To complete the assignment, add you name and “2 Masks” to the image as well as in your file extension.


Thursday 10-8-15

Good Morning Class,

Today we will be finishing up your first assignment, Selections and Shapes. When finished, make a TIFF of your final file, save it to your new desktop folder for today, and upload the Tiff file to the drop box on the blog.

We will also be starting a new assignment, #2 Selections and Masks. I will be doing a demonstration in class so it would be wise to be in class, ready to learn and ask questions. I will hand out hard copies of assignment #2 for the demo.

See you all in class.



New Assignment: #1 Selections and Shape

Good Morning all Drawing and Digital Art classes,

Yesterday periods 3, 5 and 7 began our first assignment Selections and Shape. Today, periods 4, 6 and 8 will do the same. Please review the written assignment on the Lawndale General Documents page in the blog for objectives, procedures and due dates. This is a short assignment that you will have one week to complete in class. Uploaded your final TIFF to our drop box link next week Thursday for periods 3, 5, 7, and next week Friday for periods 4, 6 and 8.

I will be giving the same demo that I gave to yesterday’s period to today’s periods.



Monday 9-28-15: Important Handouts

Hello Drawing and Digital Art Students. I hope you had a restful weekend. Last week we became more familiar with the digital workflow in the class, and got acquainted with PhotoShop. Monday I will have a number of hand-outs for you and a couple of documents that I want to review with you in class. One you will need to download and print at home, sign, and have your parent or guardian sign. These will be due by the end of the week.

Tuesday we  will pick up where we left off on your selections project, and hopefully get those wrapped up and ready for delivery to the class drop box. I will give you a demonstration during class on this procedure.


Thursday 9-24-15

Hello all periods for Drawing and Digital Art. We’re off to a good start with our first meetings yesterday. We got to know each other a little better and took the computers for a spin. You will be at the same computer for the next several weeks at least. We also covered the house rules for the class, and  the materials that I expect you to bring each period. I will have handouts on the rules and materials next week, but until then, its safe to say that I’m just looking for a healthy, respectful environment for each of you, and am asking for your help in creating an learning environment based on mutual respect.

If all of you could purchase an 8-1/2 x 11 inch sketchbook by early next week, then we could also begin the process of working with ideas that we will eventually turn into drawings on the computer. Let’s have an equally successful day today!




Lawndale High School

Welcome students to your new class! While I don’t have role sheets, have not seen our room or met any of you yet, I do know we are going to have a wonderful journey this semester in art and digital design. Please visit Lawndale HS in the task bar to view your first assignment. Stay tuned for details.