Assignment 4 Portfolio

This week we will finish building our portfolios. On your second meeting we will share the portfolios with the class in critique. The tasks for this assignment are in three parts, each with a possible participation score of ten points and an additional five points for adding animation to all pages and elements. The tasks are outlined below for reference:

Assignment 4: The Portfolio

Drawing and Digital Art

10 Points + 5 Extra Credit

TASK 4.2: Slides

  1. Open Google Slides and create a new slide show
    • Check the + button
    • Name the file “4.2_LastName.FirstIntial_Period” at the top left of the dashboard.
  1. Create a cover:
    • Enter a title: Your First and Last Name
    • Enter a subtitle: “Drawing and Digital Art Portfolio, Period #
    • Select a design template from the sidebar
  1. Locate all images from your GD folders that were the starting, or original image used in the assignment. Confirm that these are no bigger than 10 inches at 150 resolution and are jpeg files.
  1. Make a next page and select a page format. Use the One Column Text layout from the drop down menu.
  1. Enter the title of the first assignment in the space provided that says, “Click to add title.”
  1. Write a brief description of at least three sentences describing the assignment and the outcome. Hint: all of the assignments are posted on the class blog for reference. Please use your own words however.
  1. Drop your final image (jpg) from your 4.1 folder to the right of the layout as a large image for display.
  1. Drop the original image used as the background in your final from your assignment folders. The first two assignments used my images, the third was from your 3.1 Selects folder.
  1. Scale this image down in size to fit below your assignment description text (hold the Shift key, while dragging from the image corner).
  1. Finish your other two pages using the same page layout.
  1. For an additional 5 points, add animation to your pages and elements. Click on the first slide frame. Go to: view>animations> and choose from the dropdowns on the right sidebar the action and the time when and how the action takes place. This can be applied. 
  1. Share your finished portfolio with me at:

Google Drive Folders

Hello Students,

I am finding that many of you have not set up a shared Google Drive folder with all of your work yet. It is important that you do so as soon as possible, as your grades will be impacted by the absence of completed work. Please check that you do indeed have a completed, DA (Digital Arts) folder on your own Google Drive account, and that ALL of your folders for this class are included within this master folder. Please remember to “Share” the master folder with me at: (Some of you may have my e-mail address wrong). The set-up instructions follow:

Creating a “shared” DA folder:

1. Open your Google Drive in Chrome.

2. Proceed to your top-most folder which is “My Drive”

3. If you do not have a folder that has been set up that looks like the sample in bold, please create one. Click the red “NEW” button and name the folder with your own name and period number in this format:

               DA_Lastname.Firstinitial_P(eriod)#  sample DA_McArthur.P_P3

4. Move/Drag ALL of the assignments and folder for this class into this DA folder.

5. Right click and choose “Share” and enter:

6. Your folders follow the assignments, so you should have four by this point. Name or re-name your folders this way: 1_Selections, 2_Masks, 3_Capture, and 4_Portfolio

7. “Nested” inside of folder 3_Capture should be three folders: 3.1_Selects, 3.2_Hero, and Out Takes

8. Nested inside of 4_Portfolio we will put 4.1_ JPGs

Thank you, and I will see you all Monday, which this week, is an even day.