Assignment 4: Panorama and HDR

Your fourth assignment is to shoot both a Panorama and an HDR image using Lightroom and Photoshop. The technique in both cases involves the merging of several images into one single mage. This may also be done in Bridge, or done directly in Photoshop, but for the sake of workflow, I’d like you to initiate the process from Lightroom.

As pointed out in the assignment link below, you may either shoot the assignment in two images i.e. a panorama image and an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image. This is totally fine; just remember to submit grading sheets for each main image. If you choose to combine the assignment into a single panorama with HDR applied to the individual components, this would also be fine. Just remember that you will have more components to work with, so it may be a little challenging to juggle all of these at once. In either case, staying organized, will help tremendously.

The assignment directions are bulleted, step-by-step instructions for you to follow. I recommend using a tripod in either case for best results. Also review the links below for additional instructions from a number of tutorials that I thought did a good job of explaining how to do both merging techniques.

Assignment #4: Panorama and HDR

Panoramic Photo Tutorial

Adobe TV-Creating a Panorama

Setting Up Your Digital Camera For HDR Shooting

Adobe TV-Make HDR Images



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