Assignment 1: Folder Set Up

Organization is the foundation to a solid workflow. We will all have the same file structure set-up for this introductory class, but you may choose to build upon this structure as your library grows. For instance, I separate my archived images from my working files on separate drives.

You will need a Mac formatted, external hard drive for this class no smaller than 400GB. If you already own a drive, make sure that it A.) Works with Macintosh, and B.) has at least 400GB of room for your RAW, processed and layered files, as well as the Lightroom data and backups that grow each week throughout the semester. In addition, you will want to back up your files to either another external drive, or an on-line storage site such as Dropbox, Hightail or your own FTP site. I’ll let you know when we’ll start backing up our files and folders in a few weeks.

Following the lecture on 8-24, start by downloading Assignment 01 below (also found in All Handouts) and follow the directions in the assignment. Bring the external drive, folders and file to class in two weeks 9-8-14.

Photo 227 Assignment 01

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