Google Drive Folders

Hello Students,

I am finding that many of you have not set up a shared Google Drive folder with all of your work yet. It is important that you do so as soon as possible, as your grades will be impacted by the absence of completed work. Please check that you do indeed have a completed, DA (Digital Arts) folder on your own Google Drive account, and that ALL of your folders for this class are included within this master folder. Please remember to “Share” the master folder with me at: (Some of you may have my e-mail address wrong). The set-up instructions follow:

Creating a “shared” DA folder:

1. Open your Google Drive in Chrome.

2. Proceed to your top-most folder which is “My Drive”

3. If you do not have a folder that has been set up that looks like the sample in bold, please create one. Click the red “NEW” button and name the folder with your own name and period number in this format:

               DA_Lastname.Firstinitial_P(eriod)#  sample DA_McArthur.P_P3

4. Move/Drag ALL of the assignments and folder for this class into this DA folder.

5. Right click and choose “Share” and enter:

6. Your folders follow the assignments, so you should have four by this point. Name or re-name your folders this way: 1_Selections, 2_Masks, 3_Capture, and 4_Portfolio

7. “Nested” inside of folder 3_Capture should be three folders: 3.1_Selects, 3.2_Hero, and Out Takes

8. Nested inside of 4_Portfolio we will put 4.1_ JPGs

Thank you, and I will see you all Monday, which this week, is an even day.